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Linda King

Founder, Chairman of the Board, President

Ms. King is the Founder of the Safe Haven Kid's League of California City. She has worked with the homeless and also opened and managed a Sober Living for recovering addicts for many years. Her inspiration for starting the organization stemmed from the pandemic, its riveting effect on the nation and community. Particularly, the impact COVID-19 has had on her grandchildren's education and social activities causing gradual loss of motivation and drive. As a result, Ms. King created a safe, caring, and stimulating after-school environment California City’s elementary and middle school children can go to comfortably develop intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally to his or her fullest potential.

Tony Denson

Board Vice-Chair

Tony Denson's background with youth began as a teenager when, he spent his summers working with different camp programs and interacting with younger kids. He himself became an uncle fairly at an early age which gave him the much-needed patience and love for helping and teaching young minds. Having successfully gone through two different adoptions for a total of four kids, he is still referred to as "Uncle Tony" and even as the kids' "favorite Uncle" is priceless to him. Within Safe Haven Kid's League of California City, CA, Tony continues to take on the challenge to opening doors, minds and giving hope to others. 

Anthony Myers

Board Co-Founder

Anthony is the glue behind the scenes that helps to hold the Safe Haven Kid's League of California City together. His tireless work ensures that our facility is safe, up to code, and comfortable enough for kids of all ages. With many years of experience working in recovery for struggling individuals, Anthony's big frame holds a large heart full of compassion and love for the youth. Anthony has been married to Founder Linda King for 24 years and have raised 4 children together which all have job duties and positions in Safe Haven Kid's League of California City. On any day, you may find Anthony picking up donations for the club, making phone calls to raise awareness of the organization, or even telling a joke to boost morale to the other board and committee members. But you'll never find Anthony sitting down, as his work ethic simply will not allow him to do so, and we are blessed to have him as part of the Safe Haven Kid's League of California City Family.

Keyonta Mixon

Board Treasurer

Keyontay Mixon brings a mixture of youth and passion to the Safe Haven Kid's League of California City and helps in a variety of ways, especially with the kids and tweens. Keyonta also happens to be one of the grandchildren of Founders Linda and Anthony King and believes in the family structure and business. Currently, Keyonta attends Antelope Valley College, majoring in Journalism, and was at Lancaster BGC before that. Keyonta also assists with his 12-year old brother, and helps different members of the board, including the treasurer.

Darletha Denson

Board Secretary

Darletha has been married to Vice-chair Tony Denson for 12 years although known him for over 29 years. Their love of helping children together has been monumental in their relationship for the duration. Darletha has been in the mortgage banking business for over 30 years, but has also been a part of several Riverside County Foster care programs in between. Darletha enjoys mentoring and bonding with the kids and teenagers on an individual level, which is often overlooked in many of their upbringings. She understands that sometimes they just need an ear to listen, which often develops into a shoulder to cry on, free of judgement or criticism in those times of need. Darletha, like the other team members is a valuable asset to the organization and enjoys travel and family in her free time.

La'Keda Mixon

Sergeant at Arms

La'Keda is our newest member to our board of directors. She has joined our board as sergeant at arms. She has worked with several non profits over the several years. Which have been with teens, more so at risk teens She currently holds two AA degrees administration of Justice also in Sociology. She brings creativity, diversity she always willing to go the extra mile in anyway she can.

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