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Safe Haven Kid's League of California City - Additional Programs

Safe Haven Kid's League of California City's additional programs approach the STEAM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) learning initiative that addresses a need to make science, technology, engineering, art, and math a more focused part of our children's education.

The Wisdom Program

The Wisdom Program hosted by Safe Haven Kid's League will be taught by members 65+ and older which offer "rap sessions" with our youth ages for 2-3 hours per week. This session will include a question/answer period but the adults will also provide training in activities like crocheting, cooking, and general "life skills" the wisdom team sees fit to assist. The goal of this program is to assist the children in connecting with elders, expressing feelings, and open up the dialogue between the two groups.

This program is for kids: Ages 10+

The Mentor Program

The Mentor Program, hosted by Safe Haven Kid's League member Terrance, also utilizes concepts from the STEAM focus and encourages the kids to apply the skills to everyday life problems and issues. Terrance is member of the United States Army who already leads groups revolving around self-esteem, awareness, establishing individual identity, and making the transition from kids to young adults.

The Mentor Program is available for the youth: Ages 13-16 years old

Life Skills Group

The Life Skills Program works hand in hand with "The Mentor Program" mentioned above. This 10-week course has curriculum designed to help the youth assist in identifying their strengths, goals, challenges and is very individualized. Those that complete the course will often gain the courage to take action in achieving their goals or developing a plan of action to do so. Safe Haven Kid's League also will give the kids/young adults a completion ceremony upon completion.

The Life Skills Group is available for the youth: Ages 14-18 years old.

Food & Meals

Safe Haven Kid's League will offer 3 hot meals per week with nutritious plates on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. The remaining days (Tuesday and Thursday) is reserved for healthy snacks by the help of a hired chef and the entire program is overseen by a licensed Nutritionist offering a balance of proteins, fruits and vegetables.

Our facility has an on-site pantry to help service the community when needed. You will find many perishable items on hand, to assist the hired cooks and program supervisor.

Work - Ready

Safe Haven Kid's League understands that employment often builds self-esteem. For those interested, we will have a designated computer room with qualified interns usually from local college, who help assist the youth with writing resumes, mock interviewing, discussing appropriate clothing, and filling out job applications. Safe Haven will also have a dress closet for those in need, to help them dress for success. Our goal is to help the youth first, track their progress and hope they return to volunteer one day at Safe Haven Kid's League. We also hope to hire them as paid staff for the organization one day.

This program is for youth: Ages 13-18 years old

Qualified individual will need a work permit and determination is based on their school performance, GPA, and approval from their assigned school counselor.

Social Activities

Safe Haven Kid's League youth will also be involved in many activities to improve and encourage their own social skills. Our game room has amenities such as a ping pong table, a pool table, air hockey, puzzles, video games and much more. Often times, we occasionally mix the age groups. Long-term goals would be to add an indoor heated pool, exercise equipment, water aerobics musical instruments and much more.

At Safe Haven Kid's League we believe that All kids need some form of exercise, so we also have games daily to encourage this.

TWEEN Program

Safe Haven Kid's League also offers "Teen-only" groups which are taught by a licensed therapist and discusses the many issues they endure on a daily basis. Expression of fears and goal-setting are just two of the many topics, which are picked by the teens themselves, by their own experiences. They also discuss current transitions in their own lives, relationships, hurts and accomplishments. Expecting mothers and fathers are also encouraged to attend.

This groups is specifically for: Ages 16-18 years old

Basketball / Sports Camps

Safe Haven Kid's League also offers 6-week sports camps, usually on Saturday mornings from 9am-12noon. Our basketball clinic is the first of our sports' series and is taught like a clinic for boys and girls from ages 8-15 years old. During basketball camp, basic fundamentals such as dribbling, shooting, passing, rebounding and playing as a team.

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