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Darletha Denson

Mentoring Coordinator / Board Member

Darletha has been married to Vice-chair Tony Denson for 12 years although known him for over 29 years. Their love of helping children together has been monumental in their relationship for the duration. Darletha has been in the mortgage banking business for over 30 years, but has also been a part of several Riverside County Foster care programs in between. Darletha enjoys mentoring and bonding with the kids and teenagers on an individual level, which is often overlooked in many of their upbringings. She understands that sometimes they just need an ear to listen, which often develops into a shoulder to cry on, free of judgement or criticism in those times of need. Darletha, like the other team members is a valuable asset to the organization and enjoys travel and family in her free time.


Gracie Samuels


Gracie Samuels brings a sense of "Law and Order" to the organization underneath her sweet smile and welcoming demeanor. Gracie has always had a special way with kids and treats them all like her own. Within Safe Haven Kid's League of California City, you will find Gracie fielding phone calls, scheduling appointments, and preparing documentation for caseworkers, if needed. Gracie brings a level of toughness, as she has worked with the Sherriff and Probation office for over 21 years.

Gracie Samuels knows that children and teenagers have the best success, when they participate in activities and are surrounded by supervision in their spare time. After school lets out, many of these children and teenagers without structure often find themselves getting involved in situations which put them at risk. At Safe Haven Kid's League of California City, you will find caring staff members such as Gracie Samuels sharing her experience, kind words, and compassion with the kids who attend our program.

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